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Networking and Education

Networking events will keep the EVITBA businesses in touch with each other and the community.  Informational sessions will be held monthly....addressing the topics you want to hear about. We'll have experts in the fields to present information that will accelerate your business.

Student Interaction

The ability to interact with EVIT students and potentially use services created by them is something totally unique in the Phoenix Metro area.  There is learning on the part of the students by working with real-life businesses....and on the part of the businesses in working with the latest innovations and the imaginations of youth. 


Workspace is a key to the accelerator.  Whether you need part-time space, full time space or occasional space, we are working to build what you need.  The available space is very large and can be configured in a variety of ways.  We're looking to find the best match for the community needs. 

Business Advice

Businesses that get outside advice are 80% more likely to succeed.  EVITBA will provide personalized individual advice from Arizona Business Advisors at a below market cost.  Each business in the accelerator will receive a free assessment to help them find the right path forward. Support is available whether you are just starting up or determining your best exit plan...and all business situations in between. Resources are available to help solve every business question.


A public - private partnership

The Town of Fountain Hills

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East Valley Institute of Technology  

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Arizona Business Advisors

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Arizona Business Advisors

EVIT, The Town of Fountain Hills and JumpStartBiz have teamed up to bring a business support structure to the Town. Join us for our open house.  See below for details. 


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